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Anterior Hip Replacement:

  • A minimally-invasive, muscle-sparing procedure
    • Small incision on the front of the hip
    • Does not detach any muscle (tendon) from the bone
      • Unlike the posterior approach which removes several muscles (tendons) from the bone
  • Appropriate for end-stage arthritic hips
  • Precision gained by utilizing
    • Fluoroscopy (live x-ray) during the case
    • Supine (laying flat position) with the HANA table
      • Facilitates restoration of anatomy and leg-lengths
  • Benefits further include
    • Early return of muscle function and gait
    • More stable hip, reduced dislocation rate
    • No post-operative hip precautions
  • Implants designed for multiple anatomic shapes and sizes
    • Allows restoration of the anatomy
      • Center of rotation, offset, leg-length
      • Preserves the function of the surrounding hip musculature
  • Advanced bearing surfaces
    • Low-wear, increased durability
      • Cross-linked polyethelene polymer
      • Ceramics
  • Accelerated rehabilitation
    • The anterior approach reduces trauma to the surrounding soft-tissues, facilitating early return to work, sports, recreation and activities of daily living
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